Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sawyer is a cop in flash-sideways, Miles is his partner + the numbers

So we enter the flash sideways scene which appears to be Sawyer doing the pigeon drop con which we've saw him do a few times in season 1 and 2. The time on the clock that Ava points out is 8:42, which are two of the numbers.

The tables on Sawyer when Ava pulls a gun. Sawyer tells her that he's a cop and that all he has to do is say the magic word and police will storm the room.

She doesn't buy it, so he says "LaFleur" and cops break down the door and arrest Ava. Miles is one of the detectives and comes in a tosses Sawyer his badge.

That's a nice flip for the flash-sideways timeline and it's good to see Miles and Sawyer's 1970s on island relationship continue off of the island.


Athyro Humempada said...

I am a Brazilian fan!
When I watched that episode, I thought she was Kathy Saunders...

Now I have a question:
If they (Miles and Sawyer) already knew each other, how come they did not recognised each other when they met at the island at the first time, and why did they never comment about the fact they already had work together?
This last season is getting complicating even more.

Kevin said...

The flash sideways stories in season 6 are not flashbacks, so Sawyer and Miles being cops did not happen prior to Sawyer and Miles meeting on the island.

Kate and Claire also didn't know each other in the flash sideways. The 815 passengers are all meeting for the first time when they run into each other off of the island in the sideways stories.

Icecube said...

was googling for miles and sawyer goof up ..Kevin .Miles does question sawyer about his secret trip to Australia ...and they were partners and working together before the trip cos they show them having a great partnership/friendship ..and he tells sawyer you can trust me if u have to tell me something ..so how come sawyyer does not recognise him when he enters the island

Kevin said...

Miles and Sawyer being cops is not from the past, but from the alternate, purgatory-esque timeline. Sawyer did not meet Miles until he arrived on the island, so there is no way he could have recognized him. Don't mistake the flash sideways stories from season 6 with flashbacks, because they are not flashbacks.