Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hurley asks Libby on a date, gives donation to Dr. Brooks

Hurley goes to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and tries to convince Dr. Brooks to let him speak to Libby. Dr. Books doesn't want to let him talk to her because he says she has issues with reality. Hurley pulls out his checkbook and says that he'll donate $100,000 to fix up the rec room.

In the rec room, Hurley sits, watching a man play Connect Four. Libby enters and sits with Hurley. She asks him if he remembered her, but he says no. She tells him that she saw one of Hurley's commercials on television a few days ago and as soon as she saw him, memories of him came washing back, but it was another life. She mentions the plane crash and the two of them being on the island. She says that they liked each other and she can remember the two of them both being in Santa Rosa too. Hurley says that he's never been in a mental hospital before.

Even though Hurley can't remember her and thinks she's a little crazy, he asks if she can leave on a day pass and go on a date with him. Libby reveals that she's there voluntarily and would love to go on a date with him.

So the two timelines are coming closer together, but as of now, Hurley still doesn't remember the original timeline. Libby's memories rushing back from just a image on television is weird though. It seems other people, like Charlie and Desmond, have had more life-altering events that have brought back memories of the other timeline. I wonder why Libby remembered so easily?

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