Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hurley blows up the Black Rock + Ben ponders Ilana's death

As the beach camp gang make their way across the island towards the Black Rock, Ben ponders Ilana's death. He says that she was handpicked by Jacob and trained to protect the candidates. He continues saying shortly after she told the candidate who they were, the island was done with her and she died. He says he wonders what will happen the rest of them once the island is finished with them.

As the group reaches the Black Rock, Richard notices that Hurley is missing. Suddenly they hear him screaming "Run!" and "Go!" as he runs away from the Black Rock which is destroyed in a massive explosion. Everyone is thrown to the ground as pieces of the ship rain down around them.

Richard screams at Hurley asking him why he did that and Hurley simply says that he was protecting the group. Richard says that now they're all dead and walks off.

Miles goes to Hurley and asks him why he blew up the Black Rock. Hurley tells him that Michael told him to and that people come to him and yell at him after they die. When Miles questions whether he always does what the dead people say, and Hurley replies "Dead people are more reliable than alive people."

Well, that's likely the last we'll be seeing of the Black Rock, at least in the present. We've been there a lot this season, so it will be nice to move on.

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