Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ilana is blown up by Black Rock dynamite

Ilana returns from the Black Rock with four sticks of dynamite in her bag which she says is enough to destroy the cockpit and all of the instruments. When Hurley questions the plan, Ilana gets into a bit of tizzy, saying that they have to trust her because she's been training her entire life to protect the candidates.

Ilana begins to recklessly put water bottles into the same bag as the dynamite. Richard agrees that this is what they need to do, but when Hurley says that Jacob never told him that they should blow up the plane, Ilana has a bit of old Ben freak out where she says that everything she's doing is for the best interest of the candidates. Suddenly, she drops her bag to ground, and in a giant explosion, Ilana is no more.

Hurley sees this as Michael's prediction of people dying because of him coming true.

Ilana being suddenly killed was a hell of a way to say goodbye to a series regular. We never learned much about her, but I'd guess that we'll be seeing her again and at least getting a little more info on her relationship with Jacob.

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