Monday, April 19, 2010

Eloise Hawking scolds Desmond for trying to find Penny

As he's leaving the hospital, Desmond is on the phone with Charles Widmore who berates him for letting Charlie get away. Since Desmond doesn't get what the big deal is, Widmore tells him that he should be the one to tell Mrs. Widmore the bad news.

Desmond arrives at the site of the charity event, and Minkowski wishes Desmond good luck meeting Charles' wife for the first time. We cut to Eloise Hawking, sporting some massive hair, who is scolding some of the catering staff about the placement of butter knives.

When Desmond approaches her, he passes by Daniel Faraday (or Daniel Widmore in this timeline). As Desmond introduces himself to Eloise, she looks flabbergasted, like he's not supposed to be there and this isn't supposed to happen. Desmond tells her that Drive Shaft isn't going to be able to perform and she completely understands and doesn't seem worried about it at all. She says "what happened, happened," one of Daniel's infamous lines from season 5.

As Desmond leaves, he hears two of the event coordinators calling out a list of guests who are attending and he stops cold when he hears the name Penny Milton. He asks to see the list, but Eloise angrily interferes telling him that the list is confidential.

Eloise pulls Desmond aside and tells him to stop what he is doing because someone has clearly affected his way of thinking which is a violation. She says that he needs to stop looking for whatever he is looking for (Penny) because he has what he has always wanted, Charles Widmore's approval. When he questions how she knows what he should do, she says "Because I bloody do." She says he can't see the list because he's "not ready yet."

So what exactly is Desmond not ready for yet and how does Eloise, even in this timeline, know what Desmond should and shouldn't do? Also, her still being alive and off of the island along with Charles in 2004 suggests that the island sank to the bottom of the ocean after the hydrogen bomb detonated since she and Charles were both on the island at the time it was detonated. So once again the question is posed, when and how did the island sink?

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