Monday, April 19, 2010

Desmond crosses paths with Jack at St. Sebastian's, Charlie makes a break for it

Desmond tries with no luck to find out where Charlie is from a nurse when Jack walks by. Desmond recognizes him from the plane and asks Jack for help finding Charlie. Jack seems unconvinced that someone from the plane ended up at this hospital, when Charlie tears down the hall past them trying to make an escape.

Desmond takes off after Charlie and finally corners him in a waiting area. Charlie says that he's running because no one at the hospital can help him. He also says that he wasn't trying to kill Desmond, he was trying to show him something. Desmond grabs Charlie's hands, presumably looking for the message "Not Penny's Boat" written on them, but it's obviously not there.

Desmond then asks Charlie who Penny is, but Charlie doesn't know. Charlie tells him that he's not going to play the rock show because "none of this matters." He says "All that matters is that we felt it." As Charlie leaves, he tells Desmond that he should go find Penny.

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