Monday, April 19, 2010

Desmond has flashes of Penny & Charlie during M.R.I.

At the St. Sebastian's Hospital, Desmond is being asked a series of questions by the doctor. When she asks if he's having hallucinations, he hesitates and says he's not sure if he's had hallucinations. The doctor says that his C.A.T. scan was inconclusive and she's going to send him downstairs to get an M.R.I. He objects, wanting to find Charlie, but she insists on the M.R.I.

Downstairs, the M.R.I. technician asks him if he has any keys or change, echoing what one of Widmore's men asked him before putting him into the electromagnetic box. The technician warns him that the machine will be loud and gives him earplugs. He also gives Desmond "the button," which he should push if he needs to stop the machine. Desmond seems to respond to the term "the button," possibly having a recollection of the button in the Swan Station he pressed every 108 minutes.

Once the machine starts, it seems that the electromagnetism of the M.R.I. triggers a response in Desmond causing him to see a vision Charlie's "Not Penny's Boat" message again as well as many images of Penny and his son Charlie. As he sees Penny and his son, Desmond gets emotional and suddenly starts pressing the emergency button and screams to be let out of the machine. He rips off his restraints and goes to find Charlie.

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