Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hurley receives man of the year award from Pierre Chang, with slideshow

"Everybody Loves Hugo" opens with a slideshow of Hurley's accomplishments in the community, narrated by the familiar voice of Pierre Chang. During the slideshow, we see Hurley as baby (Jorge Garcia confirmed the third photo is him as a baby), the Mr. Cluck's locations around the world and Hurley's various philanthropy including children's homes, hospitals and more. There is also a photo of Hurley in a Humane Society shirt holding a Chihuahua (the dog is Jorge's dog Nunu).

Hurley is introduced by Pierre because he donated the money to open Hugo Reyes Palentology Wing at the Golden State Natural History Museum. As Hurley stands up after being introduced, he receives a standing ovation from the crowd, but his mother who is sitting next to him does not look pleased.

Outside, Hurley is holding his award, which is shaped like a Tyrannosaurus. His mother, Carmen, chastises him for not having a girlfriend and tells him that she has set up a date for him with Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter Rosalita. Hurley is skeptical, but goes along with it.

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