Saturday, April 24, 2010

Desmond approaches Hurley at Mr. Cluck's, pushes him towards Libby

At one of the Mr. Cluck's locations, Hurley enters and demands a family size bucket of chicken. He sits at a table and makes his way through a lot of chicken, when he spots Desmond staring at him from across the restaurant.

Hurley calls out to him and Desmond says that he remembers him from Oceanic 815. Desmond sits down and comments on the large pile of chicken bones in front of Hurley. Hurley says that he eats when he's depressed and Desmond asks what the girl's name is. Hurley proceeds to tell him about the failed blind date and Libby approaching him, saying that they already knew each other.

Desmond leans in and asks Hurley if he believed Libby. Hurley says that he kind of did. Desmond tells him that maybe he should try to find out where Libby thinks he knows him from.

Then cashier calls out "number 42!," which is the number of Demond's order (and one of the numbers). Desmond says that it was nice bumping into Hurley and leaves.

So it seems that Desmond might be acting a bit like Jacob, pushing Hurley towards Libby like Jacob pushed people towards the island. The question is, what is Demond's goal?

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