Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Desmond gets a date with Penny, asks Minkowski for 815 manifest

Once again, Desmond wakes up, this time in the stadium. Penny tells him that he passed out when he shook her hand. Penny then asks him if they've met before, and Desmond says that he thinks he would have remembered. He then asks her out for coffee and she agrees to meet him at a near-by shop in an hour. Both Desmond and Penny seem quite enthralled about meeting.

Desmond returns to the limousine and tells Minkowski that he found what he was looking for. He asks to me taken to the coffee shop and then makes an interesting request. He asks Minkowski to get him the manifest of Oceanic 815 because he needs to show them all something.

Is Desmond now going to make it his mission to show the 815 passengers visions of the previous timeline? If so, how will this knowledge affect the passengers and will it cause a cross in the original timeline.

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