Thursday, April 22, 2010

Libby approaches Hurley at Spanish Johnny's, says they are soul mates

Hurley sits alone at the Mexican restaurant Spanish Johnny's eating tortilla chips. It's obvious he's been sitting there waiting for his date Rosalita for a while.

Suddenly, none other that Libby appears and she knows his name. Hurley is dumbstruck, and thinks that she is Rosalita before she tells him that she spotted him from across the restaurant. She asks Hurley if he believes in that two people can be connected, like soul mates. He hesitantly responds yes and then she says "You don't remember me do you?"

Before they can continue, Dr. Books (Hurley's old doctor from Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute) shows up and pulls Libby away. Libby tries to explain that Hurley is an old friend, but Dr. Brooks takes her away, apologizes to Hurley for the intrusion as they leave.

Hurley has clearly been affected and follows them outside where he sees Dr. Brooks help Libby into a Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute van. He waves at her as she leaves and looks determined to see her again.

So how does Libby seem to have such a vivid memory of Hurley? Does her condition have something to do with her memory of the timeline and is this why she was staring at him in the flashback at Santa Rosa in the season 2 episode "Dave."

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