Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michael confirms Hurley's theory about the whispers, points him towards Locke's camp

As Hurley's group makes their way through the jungle at night, Sun asks Frank if they made a mistake. Frank says "probably."

As they continue, Hurley confesses to Jack that he didn't talk to Jacob earlier and Jack says that he knew that. Jack tells him that every since Juliet died, all he's wanted to do was fix it, but he can't. He says that he believes that the point is that he's supposed to let go. Hurley says that he hopes that trusting him doesn't get them killed.

Suddenly, they hear the whispers and Frank and Jack draw their guns. Hurley tells them that it's cool because he thinks he knows what the whispers are. Hurley leaves the group and goes a short distance on his own.

Hurley calls out for Michael, who appears from behind some trees. Hurley asks him if he's stuck on the island and Michael says he is because of what he did (killing Ana Lucia and Libby). Hurley says that there are others trapped on the island too and that's what the whispers are. Michael confirms this, says they are the ones that can't move on.

Hurley then asks Michael if he knows where Locke is. Michael points to a camp in the distance, towards the ocean. Hurley thanks Michael and asks him if there's anything he can do for him. Michael says "Don't get yourself killed."

As Hurley is about to leave, Michael stops him and says if he ever sees Libby again, to tell her that he is very sorry. Hurley says that he'll do that.

So that is a big mystery solved. The whispers are those who died on the island and can't move on for one reason or another. They're not always heard when the dead appear though. They're heard when Walt appears to Shannon and he wasn't dead. Also, does that mean Harper was dead when she appeared to Jack and Juliet in season 4?

The idea that only those who die on (or near) the island are trapped there explains why Richard though young Ben was special for seeing his mom, since she died off of the island. There will be more time to dissect every instance of the whispers at a later time though.

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