Friday, April 30, 2010

Desmond runs into Locke with his car at the high school

Back in the flash sideways world, Desmond sits in his car at the school where Ben and Locke work and watches as Locke exits the building in his wheelchair.

Ben comes over and knocks on Desmonds window and asks him a series of questions about what he's doing there. Ben says that he's been parked there watching the kids for a while. Desmond says that he's there looking for a school for his son, and when Ben asks for his son's name, Desmond says Charlie. It seems clear here there Desmond remembers his son from the original timeline, though one could say that's just the first name that popped in his head.

After Ben leaves, Desmond watches Locke start to cross the parking lot and accelerates his car toward him. Desmond hits Locke, who hits the windshield and the flies over the top of the car and lands on the ground. Desmond speeds away as Ben runs over to help Locke who is once again lying bloody on his back.

The look on Locke's face is similar to when he was on the ground after Anthony Cooper threw him out of the window. Will this be Locke's moment of clarity where he remembers the original timeline like Desmond, Charlie and Hurley?

And the big question is, why did Desmond do this? Was he trying to kill Locke or was he trying to push him towards Jack at the hospital? This seems to be similar, yet a more forceful version of what he did pushing Hurley towards Libby during their conversation at Mr. Cluck's. What does Desmond know?!

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