Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sayid shoots Ivan Andropov in Moscow, Ben tells Sayid he's free

In Moscow, Russia, we see a man named Ivan Andropov running into an apartment building and locking the door behind him. He listens at the door and hears someone coming and runs to his safe and puts in the code. As he finishes, Sayid breaks into the room with a gun. Ivan offers Sayid some bundles of money. Sayid shoots him and leaves the building. As he's leaving the building we see a sign over the front door in Russian that reads 32 Oldham Pharmaceuticals. A man named Oldham will later drug Sayid on the island so he tells them the truth. Also, when read backwards like was seen on the show, 32 reads as 23, one of the numbers.

When then see Sayid at night, walking on a street in Moscow with Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background. He goes through a double gate where he meets Ben who is standing next to a car. Sayid tells Ben what happened with Ivan Andropov and then asks where he should go next. Ben tells him that he is done and that everyone who posed a threat to his friends are dead. Sayid asks him "What do I do now?" Ben tells him to go live his life and that he's free.

The big question here is still who are the people that Sayid killed and what threat, if any did they pose to the people on the island?

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