Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Ethan Rom, Juliet takes submarine manifest

In the barracks, Juliet walks over to Amy who is sleeping in a hammock. She picks up the submarine manifest and accidentally wakes Amy up. She asks Amy if there is a full load on the submarine and Amy says that two people dropped out at the last minute because they didn't want to take the sedative before the trip. Juliet picks up the baby and asks Amy if she and Horace had picked a name for him yet. Amy tells her that they named him Ethan, as in Ethan Rom (the mysterious other who kidnapped Claire and was shot by Charlie in season 1). When Juliet hears the name, she is a bit taken aback. She is also a bit shaken when Amy asks her when she and Jim will have a baby. Juliet replies, that she doesn't know and that the time has to be right.

So, Ethan was born on the island and is the son of Horace and Amy. Quite a twist there. So maybe we'll see how he goes from being Dharma baby to being an other surgeon. He certainly seems exponentially less menacing in baby form.

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