Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Radzinsky worried about Swan Station model, Sawyer convinces Sayid to say he's a hostile

Sawyer arrives at the Flame Station and he and Jin proceed inside. Radzinsky says that he's worried that Sayid saw the model for the Swan Station and the survey for where they plan to build it. Radzinsky wants to shoot Sayid, but Sawyer says he wants to talk to him first. Jin pulls Sayid out of the storage closet and sits him in a chair. Sawyer tells him to identify himself as a hostile because under the terms of the truce, they can shoot him if he does not. Sayid says that his people do not refer to themselves as hostiles, but that he is one. Sawyer then begins to take him to the barracks, ignoring Radzinsky's objections.

Is the reason Radzinsky is so worried about the hostiles knowing where the Swan Station will be built because it is outside of the boundaries of the truce? Or, does he just want them to know nothing about the purpose of the Swan?

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