Sunday, February 1, 2009

Desmond confronts Charles Widmore

Desmond Hume storms past the receptionist Melanie and burst into Charles Widmore's office. The receptionist as well as security follows him in but Widmore tells them it's okay because Desmond is an "old colleague." Desmond tells Widmore that he's not going to answer an questions and that he'll never see him again if he tells him where he can find Daniel Faraday's mother. Widmore asks Desmond if Penny is safe and Desmond doesn't answer. Widmore tells Desmond that Daniel's mother is in Los Angeles and gives him her address but tells him that she probably won't be happy to see him because she's a very private person. Widmore stops Desmond before he leaves and says "Deliver your message and get out of this mess. Don't put Penny's life in danger." He continues "You're getting yourself involved in something that goes back many, many years and it has nothing to do with you or my daughter." He tells Desmond to go back to where he was hiding.

This is the first time Widmore has spoken to Daniel without disdain. He seems seriously concerned about Penny, most likely because of Ben threatening her life. Why is he okay with Desmond delivering his message to Daniel's mother though?

Also, in Widmore's office you can see the painting with the polar bear that says "Namaste" on it which we first saw in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" in season three.

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