Monday, February 2, 2009

John Locke comes to camp, learns that "Jones" is Widmore

John Locke strolls into the others camp calling out Richard Alpert's name. Charles Widmore immediately pulls a gun on his and starts to threaten him. Richard emerges from his tent but doesn't know Locke because they haven't met yet in the past. Locke says "Jacob sent me" which immediately changes Alpert's tone. He tells Widmore to put the gun down and forces him to do so though he objects. This is the point that we learn that "Jones" is Charles Widmore because Alpert calls him by his last name. Locke confirms his first name is Charles.

As we could have already predicted, Jacob is a huge player/force or whatever he/it is on the island, but the expression on Richard's face when Locke mentions his name says a lot. Also, again like with Daniel, Widmore is very mouthy with Richard Alpert who seems to be in charge at this point. Will Widmore's temper have something to do with his leaving the island? Locke is very intrigued by learning that he has just met Charles Widmore, though he seems to have more important things to deal with at this "time."

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