Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daniel inspects the h-bomb "Jughead"

Ellie the other takes Daniel Farady to the hydrogen bomb named Jughead. The bomb is suspended in a small tower which is surrounded by some military crates. On the side of the bomb, there is a panel labeled "Trigger Control Panel." When Daniel notices the break in the housing and something leaking out, he quickly runs down the ladder and tells Ellie to back away because it is unsafe. He also says that rifle fire could possibly set the bomb off. He then asks Ellie if they have access to lead or concrete to fill in the break in the housing. He said they should then bury the bomb and it not detonate. He accidentally let's it slip that "50 years from now, this island is still here." While he's trying to explain what he means, Sawyer steps out from the trees with a rifle pointed at Ellie. Juliet follows Sawyer out with a mechete and Ellie lays down her gun. When Ellie asks "Are they from the future too?," Sawyer delivers the great line "you told her?"

Now for just a little bit of history. Jughead was the name of an actual bomb that was set to be tested by the US military in March 1954 as a part of Operation Castle. Jughead was never detonated and was dismantled.

Will exactly happened to Jughead? Did the other listen to Daniel and bury it? Will it cause problems for the island in the future or did it cause more problems in the past?

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