Sunday, March 1, 2009

Locke's leg is set at a field hospital, Matthew Abbadon is there

By the time Locke is brought into a field hospital, night has become day. The men carrying him lay him on a bed at the direction of a doctor named Hajer who seems to be in charge. Locke keeps asking "Where am I?" and "Who are you?" but no one answers him. The doctor grabs some green and white pills from a cabinet and forces Locke to take them with some water. Locke looks to his right and sees Matthew Abbadon peering at him from behind a curtain across the room. The doctor then puts a piece of wood in Locke's mouth for him to bite down on because of the pain. One of the other people disinfects the wound and then they set the leg. Locke screams in agonizing pain and then blacks out.

Where is the field hospital where Locke was taken? Is it funded by Widmore?

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