Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Locke visits Helen's grave, Abbadon shot, Locke in car crash

Matthew Abbadon take Locke to cemetery in Santa Monica where his ex-girlfriend Helen Norwood is buried. Helen's tombstone says that she was born on June 30, 1957 and died on April 8, 2006. Abbadon tells Locke that she died of a brain aneurysm. Locke says that they (he and Helen) could have been together, and Abbadon says maybe they could have but she would still be dead. Abbadon continues saying "Helen is where she supposed to be. As sad as it is, her path led here and your path, no matter what you did or what you do, your path leads back to the island." Locke questions Abbadon saying "You say that like it's inevidable." Abbadon then metions that Richard Alpert told Locke that he was going to die and asks "Is that inevidable or is it a choice?" Locke says "Do you think I want to die? How is that, how could you possibly think that's a choice?" On that note, Abbadon avoids continuing by saying "Hey, I'm just a driver."

As Abbadon is putting Locke's wheelchair in the trunk of the car, he is shot numerous times by an unseen gunman that we later learn was Ben Linus. Locke climbs in the front seat, starts the car and hits the gas, leaving Abbadon dead on the cemetery road. In a panic, Locke drives wrecklessly out of the cemetery and through a red light and keeps looking back like someone is chasing him, even though it appears that no one is. Locke his first hit by a whie SUV before rolling further through the intersection where he is hit by a tan car. The scene ends with a shot through the broken glass of Locke's car and he is bleeding from his head.

Matthew Abbadon seems be familiar with the name Richard Alpert, so does he know him or at least who he is? Also, how does Abbadon where people's paths are destined to lead? This poses the question again, is he like Eloise Hawking?

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