Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caesar takes Locke to the injured survivors, Ben among them

Back to the "present time" where Locke is resurrected on the island, we see Caesar thumbing through some files in the Hydra Station. Locke walks into the office and tells Caesar a little about the Dharma Initiative and that he spent over 100 days on the island. Caesar tells John that when the plane experienced turbulence, Hurley disappeared and some other passengers saw other people just disappear. Locke asks for a passenger list but Caesar says that Frank took it. Caesar says that everyone is accounted for except the people who disappeared and the people who got hurt. He then takes Locke to where the injured people are. Locke spots Ben on one of the cots and tells Caesar "He's the man who killed me."

Since Ben is here and not where the other people who disappeared from the plane are, should we assume that he wasn't supposed to go back to the island? Also, we seem to learn a little bit, very little, about how Hurley, Kate and Jack ended up so far away from where the plane crashed. There's still much more to learn though.

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