Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ben stages the room as a suicide

Back in Locke's room at the Westerfield Hotel, Ben has somehow hung Locke from the pipes in the ceiling, just how Locke was originally planning to kill himself. Ben cleans and wipes down the room including the wheelchair and cord among other things. As Ben's about to leave, he picks up Jin's wedding ring from the side table where Locke's Canadian passport is sitting. As he's standing in the doorway looking up a Locke, Ben says in fraile voice "I'll miss you John, I really will." After he leaves is when we get our first complete look at Locke's body hanging from the ceiling which is a sad and grim sight.

The remorse in Ben's voice as he leaves is intriguing and his words leave us to believe he didn't know that Locke would be resurrected when he returned to the island.

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