Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Locke visits Sayid in Santo Domingo

The first person that John Locke tries to convince to come back to the island is Sayid. He finds Sayid in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where he is building a school with the organization "Build Our World."

Locke makes a pretty weak case to Sayid saying "Deep down in your heart, you know we shouldn't have left the island." Sayid tells Locke how he had been manipulated by Ben and about his nine months being married to Nadia. Sayid bluntly says to Locke "Why do you really need to go back? Is it just because you have no where else to go?" Locke tells him to come find him in Los Angeles at the Westerfield Hotel under the name Jeremy Bentham if he changes his mind.

So Locke isn't a very good salesman. He wasn't able to get Sayid to budge at all and made a very weak case for him going back to the island. Maybe it wouldn't hurt for Locke to use a little of that manipulative magic that Ben uses so well.

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