Friday, May 28, 2010

Ben meets Danielle Rousseau, gets emotional about Alex

At the school, Ben is struggling to get to his keys since his left arm is in a sling. He drops them and Alex comes over to help and inquires about what happened. She asks why anyone would want to hurt him since he's "like, the nicest guy ever."

Alex insists that he shouldn't drive since he only has one hand like Napoleon. She asks her mother who is in the car near-by if they can give him a ride home. As expected, Danielle Rousseau appears (it's the first time we've seen her since she was shot by Keamy's team in the season 4 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson"). Danielle says that a ride is the least they can do for Ben after the help he's given Alex.

Alex then asks him if he wants to come to dinner and Danielle insists, saying even if they have to kidnap him (a nod to the fact that Ben kidnapped Alex on the island).

Later at the Rousseau home, Ben is helping clean up after dinner. Danielle says that it is nice to cook for someone other than just Alex. Ben asks what happened to her father, and Danielle says that he died when Alex was two (very different from the island timeline). Danielle says that's probably why Alex is so attached to Ben since he's the closest thing to a father she's ever had.

Ben looks at Alex in the other room working at a desk and starts to get choked up. When he returns to the kitchen, Danielle asks if he's alright, and Ben says that it must be the onions. She says that she'll have to use less next time and they share a look like they're about to kiss as we hear the infamous sideways woosh.

So it's interesting to see Ben and Danielle have a budding romantic connection in the sideways. It's nice to see Ben as a humble, emotional character that he doesn't show in the island timeline.

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