Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smoke monster takes out Richard, Locke makes a deal with Ben

Locke arrives on the main island and sees Zoe and Widmore's gear in an outrigger canoe. He looks at in for a moment then moves on.

The the barracks, Zoe arrives and tells Widmore that they need to go. Widmore tells them that they are going to hide in Ben's secret room. Ben says that he's not going to hide because Locke's going to find him sooner or later.

Miles says that he's going to survive by running through the jungle, but before he leaves, Ben asks for Widmore and Zoe's walkie talkies and gives one to Miles. Before Widmore goes into the secret room, he tells Ben that Locke is going to kill him. Ben says "Then I guess this is goodbye."

Richard then decides that he's going to talk to Locke, since all he wants is for him to join him. As Richard and Ben slowly walk outside, they suddenly hear the sound of the smoke monster approaching. In one motion, the smoke monster catches Richard by the neck and tosses him off into the distance.

Ben is stunned, but slowly sits down in a chair in front of his old house. Locke appears and sits down next to him, ominously playing with his knife. He says that Ben is who he was looking for and Ben offers him some lemonade. Locke tells Ben that he wants him to kill some people, and if he does, he can have the island after he leaves.

Ben hesitantly agrees and then after Locke asks whose outrigger is down at the dock, Ben tells him it's Widmore's. When Locke asks where Widmore is, Ben gives it up that they're hiding in his closet.

We're left wondering the fate of Richard, who is not seen for the rest of the episode. We also don't see Miles again. Ben was quick to give up Widmore to Locke, but Widmore is certainly the one person Ben has no interest in forgiving.

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