Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Radzinsky shoots Daniel, a gun battle breaks out, fuel drums explode

Daniel joins Kate and Jack at the motor pool and they're stocking up on guns. Kate hands Daniel a shotgun and Daniel asks "Do you have something for a beginner?" At that moment Stuart Radzinsky and two other Dharma workers pull up in a van and Kate hands Daniel a smaller gun.

Radzinksy asks what's going on and tells Daniel that he's supposed to by out at the Swan station site. Daniel says that there was accident at the Orchid station at Pierre Chang asked them to help. Daniel carelessly shows that he has a gun and Radzinksy and the other two other guys pull guns on them. Radzinsky calls Daniel on his lie and says that he just left Pierre who is at home with his wife and baby.

Daniel tells Radzinsky that he doesn't know what's going on here and says that they're just going to leave and starts moving away from the motor pool. Radzinksy takes the first shot and grazes Daniel's neck. As Daniel is falling, he gets a shot off that hits Radzinksy and then a gun battle breaks out. Kate and Daniel make a run for a jeep while Jack covers them. Jack sees two fuel barrels and takes a shot which causes them to explode. Kate throws the jeep in reverse and hits a Dharma van. Jack jumps into the jeep and they start to drive away as one of the Dharma guys shoots the windshield. Radzinksy screams "Sound the alarm!" at one of the other guys.

This was a fun gun battle which we haven't really seen this season. Radzinsky has turned out to be quick to violence. He wanted to kill Sayid immediately and now he takes the first shot an Daniel. As of season 2, before we actually met him, he seemed like a sympathetic character who went crazy and killed himself in the Swan station. Now it turns out that he's an obnoxious, violent guy. It's really a shame that he's going to live a while longer, at least until the station is built and Kelvin makes his way to the island in approximately 20 years or so.

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