Friday, May 8, 2009

Locke tells Sun that he'll help find their friends, Ricahard's compass

At the others beach camp, Sun is once again looking at Jin's wedding ring, thinking about what Richard told her about all of the Dharma folk or her friends, it's unclear, being dead. Locke comes over to her and she asks him does he think it's true that all of their friends are dead. Locke says "I don't think we went through all this for nothing Sun. Richard Alpert comes over and Locke asks him if he still has the compass that he gave him. Richard pulls it out of his pocket and says "Little rusty but she can still find north."

Locke calls over to Ben who is sitting on the beach near-by and asks him to join he and Richard on their errand. Ben asks if Locke is afraid to leave him there with his former people and also asks if he thinks he'll stage a coup. Locke says "I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben." Ben says that in that case, he's love to come. Locke tells Sun to stay there and he'll be back in a few hours. He continues saying "But whatever happens, Sun, you have my word--if there's a way for you and Jin to be together again, if there's a way to save our people... I'll find it."

Whatever Locke's source of confidence is, it seems to have made him cocky. Again we are left asking, who is giving him his directions right now?

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