Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eloise looks through Daniel's journal, finds her note to him

Eloise is sitting next to Daniel's body flipping through his journal. There area a bunch of equations in there with one marked "Check out these theories!!! Might be onto something." Eloise comes to the first page where she wrote Daniel the note in his journal, only the younger Eloise hasn't actually written it yet.

Charles Widmore comes into the camp with Jack and Kate and asks what happened with Daniel. Richard tells her the situation and then asks where he found Jack and Kate. Widmore says the were "Crouched in the bushes like rats." Eloise asks Jack and Kate if they came here with Daniel and Jack says yes. Eloise tells the other others to put them in her tent. One of the others seen in the 12th shot is Erik, a recurring other.

Widmore akss Eloise why the Dharma Initiative seems to have declared war on them. Eloise says that these people are not part of the Dharma Initiative. Widmore asks "Then where the hell are they from?"

Kate seems pissed that Jack told Eloise that they came there with Daniel. She doesn't seem to like the idea of changing the events that have already happened.

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