Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eloise Hawking pushes Daniel to forget Theresa and work, gives him his journal

Daniel graduates from Oxford and exits the ceremony with his girlfriend Theresa Spencer. His mother, Eloise Hawking is waiting outside for him and waves him over. Daniel introduces Theresa to Eloise and she dismisses her and congratulates Daniel. Eloise invites Daniel to celebrate his graduation with lunch and Daniel puts his arm around Theresa and says "We'd love to." Eloise says that she wants to have lunch with Daniel alone since she doesn't see him often. This upsets Daniel but Theresa says it's okay.

At the restaurant, Daniel tells Eloise that she was rude to Theresa and that Theresa is is girlfriend. Eloise says that she's his research assistant and that Daniel should be focusing on his work which is what's important. Daniel says that Eloise has made her wishes abundantly clear and "Why would I waste my gift on a woman." Eloise tells him that he's not going to have time for relationships and the women his life are going to be terribly hurt. Daniel tells her that she's pushed and pushed him and asks when will it be enough. Daniel says that he's the youngest doctor to graduate from Oxford and that he just got a 1.5 million pound research grant. Eloise asks who the grant is from and Daniel says that it's from an industrialist named Charles Widmore. The name Widmore seems to stun Eloise and after a pause, she says that she doesn't want to fight and that's not why she came. Daniel asks her why she came and Eloise pulls out a wrapped box and says "To congratulate you." She gets up and says "Good luck Daniel and I do hope you know I mean that." After she leaves, Daniel opens the box which contains the journal that he'll later write down all the things he knows about the island. On the first page Eloise wrote a note that says the following

No matter what, remember, I will always love you.

So Eloise Hawking not only seems to know which path people should take with their lives, but she seems to see the future in general. She seems to know that bad things will happen both Theresa and Charlotte, yet she seemed surprised when she found out that Charles Widmore gave Daniel a research grant. I guess her ability is selective.

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