Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eloise Hawking convinces Daniel to go to the island

In another flashback, we see Daniel trying to play the piano, but due to his condition, he can't get the piece right. Eloise Hawking comes inside and says "I would have called but" and Daniel interrupts saying "I would have forgot anyway." Eloise tells Daniel that she hears that he's been offered a job. Daniel asks her how she knows that and she says it's her business to know. She tells him that it is very important that he says yes to Charles Widmore's offer. Daniel says that he can't because Widmore needs someone to to complex space-time calibrations and calculate bearings and he can't do that anymore. Eloise asks Daniel if Widmore mentioned that the island might be able to make him better and asks "What if it's true?" She pretends like she doesn't know the capabilities of the island. Daniel asks her if she really wants him to go and she says yes. Daniel asks "Will it make you proud of me?" She answers yes again and Daniel agrees to go to the island.

This scene is very reminiscent of when we first saw Eloise Hawking convincing Desmond that he was not supposed to marry Penny because he was supposed to go to the island. Whatever outcome Eloise needs to happen must be of dire importance for her to reap havoc on so many lives.

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