Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jack is beaten up by Charles Widmore, Kate and Jack captured

At the beginning of "Follow the Leader" we see the end of "The Variable" again, right before Daniel is killed. This time, we see it from Jack and Kate's point of view. Kate tells Jack that Daniel is crazy. Jack replies "What if this is why we're here? What if this is our once chance to put things back the way they were supposed to be?" They are both startled by the sound of a gunshot and look up to see Daniel fall to the ground.

Jack wants to go help Daniel but Kate pulls him away. Suddenly we see Charles Widmore riding towards Jack who promptly gets the butt of a shotgun to the head. Another other rides up on a horse and tells Kate not to move. Widmore gets off of his horse and kicks Jack in the face while down on the ground. Jack's face is bloodied as Widmore stands over him with a gun pointed at him and asks "Just who the bloody hell might you be?"

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