Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daniel explains his theory about variables, his plan to detonate an h-bomb

Jack, Kate and Daniel stop at a creek to rest. Jack asks Daniel why he needs a gun to talk to his mother. Daniel says "You don't know my mother Jack." Jack asks him if he's ready to tell him why his mother was wrong and why they don't belong there.

Daniel says that in about four hours, the Dharma folk are going to be drilling at the Swan station site and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy which will be released and be catastrophic. He says that they will then have to cement the entire area in like Chernobyl and the containment that is built over it is watch the losties called the hatch. He continues saying that because of the accident, they will spend the next 20 years keeping the energy at bay by pressing a button. Desmond will one day fail to push the button which will cause Oceanic 815 to crash on the island. Because of the crash, the freighter will be sent to the island and the entire chain of events from the crash on will occur because of the accident on this afternoon.

Daniel explains that during his entire life he has studied relativistic physics and he has always believed that whatever happened, happened. He says that he spent so much time focused on the constants that he forgot about the variables. He says that people are the variables in the equation and that they have free will and can change their destiny.

Daniel says that he thinks he can negate the energy under the Swan station. He says that if he does this, the hatch will never be built and Oceanic 815 will land in Los Angeles like it was supposed to. Kate asks him how he plans to destroy the energy. Daniel says "I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb." This leaves Jack and Kate stunned.

So if Daniel is correct and they do what he had planned, the entire show would theoretically be negated. This does not seem like a likely outcome. We can easily assume that the bomb he wants to detonate is Jughead from the episode of the same name. The others/hostiles would have buried the bomb if they listened to Daniel in 1954.

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