Monday, May 4, 2009

Charles Widmore visits Daniel in Essex, asks him to go to the island

In an interesting flashback, we see the continuation of a scene from the season 4 episode "Confirmed Dead" where Daniel, in Essex Massachusetts, sees the news coverage of the discovery of the fake Oceanic 815 plane and bodies. As Daniel is crying, his caregiver Caroline comes over and asks him why he's upset and he says he doesn't know why.

There's a knock at the door and Caroline tells Daniel that he has a visitor. Daniel pulls himself together and stands to meet Charles Widmore. Daniel apologizes and tells Widmore that his condition affects his memory. Widmore tells him that have never met before and introduces himself. Daniel recognizes Widmore's name from his research grants. As Charles sits down, he moves a copy of Wired magazine, the August 2003 issue, which coincidentally has on the cover "The Impossible Gets Real!" and lists "Time Travel" on the left side.

Daniel tells Widmore that he tested on himself first and says that he would never hurt Theresa. Widmore says that it is okay and that's not why he's come to see Daniel. Widmore says that he came to offer Daniel a new opporunity. Daniel stumbles over a few words saying "I can't" as he looks up and the 815 wreckage on the televsion and starts crying again. Widmore asks him what is wrong and Daniel says that the plane crash is just "so sad... they're dead." Widmore tells Daniels that the wreckage was an elaborate, expensvie fake that he had put there. Daniel asks him why he would tell him that. Widmore says that Daniel won't even remember it tomorrow. Widmore then says that the real Oceanic 815 crashd on a special island with unique scientific properites. He says that he wants to send Daniel to the island so he can further his research, see things he never dreamed could happen and so that his mind can be healed. Daniel asks "Why are you doing all this for me?" Widmore tells him that he is a man with tremendous gifts and it would be a shame for them to go to waste. Daniel tells him that he sounds like his mother. Widmore smiles and says "That's because we're old friends."

So Daniel got a personal visit from Widmore with his offer to send him to the island on the freighter. Daniel seems very intrigued by the idea of being healed by the island. It's still unclear why Daniel left the United Kingdom to go to the United States. That may be a little mystery that never gets answered.

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