Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eloise Hawing shoots Daniel Faraday at the others/hostiles camp

As Daniel, Kate and Jack get close to the others/hostiles camp, Kate tells Jack that what they are doing is a mistake and is insane because they are going to erase everything that's happened to them. Jack says that they disappeared off of an airplane and ended up in 1977, so he's getting used to insane.

They reach the others camp and Jack and Kate duck behind some plants. Daniel says "Wish me luck" and heads towards the camp. Jack begins to stop Daniel but Kate pulls him back. Daniel heads into the camp, gun in hand and fires two shots to keep one of the others from picking up his gun. Daniel tells everyone not to move and that he wants to see Eloise.

Daniel continues to ask to see Eloise until Richard Alpert comes out and says that she's not here. Richard looks at Daniel and asks "Do we know each other?" Daniels says that it doesn't matter and he needs to see Eloise. Richard again says that she not here and Daniel asks where the hydrogen bomb that they told them to bury is. Richard asks him to put the gun down but Daniel says that he has three seconds until he shoots. After he counts the number 2, a shot is heard and we see that Eloise has shot Daniel in the back. Richard is upset and asks her why she shot him. Richard tells her that Daniel wasn't going to shoot him.

As Daniel is lying on the ground dying, he looks up at Eloise and says "You knew. You always knew. You knew this was going to happen. You sent me here anyway." Eloise asks "Who are you?" Daniel says "I'm your son." Richard and Eloise are both stunned as Daniel draws his last breath.

So Eloise knew that when she sent Daniel to the island that she would end up killing him in 1977. What monumental event or events is she trying to make happen or not happen that she is willing to sacrifice her own son?

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