Monday, May 4, 2009

Daniel tells everyone that his mother is one of the hostiles

Back at the barracks, Sawyer leads a meeting with Hurley, Jack, Kate, Jin and Juliet to decide what they should do next. Sawyer tells the group that this has become home after three years and he doesn't want to leave but they have no choice. Hurley asks Sawyer if he can convince Phil not to say anything, but Sawyer says that he's already punched Phil in the face and he can't just say his hand slipped. Kate asks how long it will be before someone realizes Phil is gone and Sawyer says "not enough." Sawyer says they have two choices. They can either commandeer the submarine and leave the island or they can head back into the jungle and start over again. Jin says that he's not going to leave on the sub if there's a chance that Sun is on the island somewhere. Hurley also objects to getting on the sub saying that after all they did to get back, leaving would be pretty "wishy washy."

At that moment there's a knock and the door and everyone gets paranoid. Sawyer grabs his gun and answers the door but it's just Daniel and Miles. Sawyer says "Welcome back Twitchy" and then asks Miles if Daniel is still crazy. Miles says that "it's on a whole new level." Daniel asks the group if anyone knows where he can find the hostiles. After Juliet asks him why he wants to know that, he says that one of them is his mother. As everyone looks stunned, Daniel says that "she is the only person on this island who can get us back to where we belong."

So how exactly can Eloise Hawking presumably get everyone back to the proper year? Is there some place on the island that get them back where they belong? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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