Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The group splits - Jack, Kate and Daniel leave for the hostiles

Back at the castaway pow-wow, Sawyer asks Daniel the humorous question "Your mother is an other?" Daniel tells him that they met her in 1954 and they were calling her Ellie. Hurley pipes in and asks "You guys were in 1954? Like Fonzie times?" Daniel says he just needs to talk to his mother and Sawyer uses Daniel's own argument against him saying that "Whatever happened, happened." Sawyer tells Daniel that he's not going anywhere unless he tells them what his plans are. Jack chimes in and makes the argument that they don't belong there, there being 1977. Sawyer says that he belonged there just fine until Jack came back.

Jack turns to Kate and asks he she knows where the hostiles are. Sawyer tells her not to say anything and Jack tells her that she made him promise not to ask about Aaron, but he knows that the reason she came back is not there (again there being 1977). Sawyer says to Kate "Come with us Freckles." Juliet seems to not like that Sawyer called her Freckles and then tells Kate that the sonic fence code is 1417171. Juliet tells them to take Daniel and that it's over here for them anyway. Kate agrees to go and Daniel asks Miles to drive but he tosses him they keys and signals that he's staying with the rest of the group.

As Jack, Kate and Daniel are leaving Sawyer tells Jack "When you realize you've made a huge mistake, we'll be back at the beach right where we started." Sawyer tells the rest of the group to pack anything they can carry and meet back there in twenty minutes. Sawyer takes Juliet's hand and says "Time to go."

Is it possible that Juliet sent Kate to the hostiles hoping that something bad would happen to her. If that's the case, this would be very similar to when Ben sent Goodwin on his suicide mission infiltrating the tail section survivors. Whatever her reasons, you could tell that Juliet did not like Sawyer calling Kate "Freckles."

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