Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sawyer and Juilet are captured by Radzinsky

Back at the barracks, Sawyer and Juliet are packing up Dharma food (rice, powdered milk and chicken soup can be seen) and clothes so they can leave. Sawyer tells Juliet that she called it the minute the others got back to the island and he should have listened to her. Sawyer asks her if she still has his back. Juliet asks "You still got mine?" At that moment, the alarm sounds throughout the barracks.

Outside, Hurley is carrying the guitar and a backpack and Jin is behind him as they see Radzinsky and the two other guys rushing through the barracks with guns. Jin says something in Korean.

Radzinsky and the two guys burst into Sawyer's house and Radzinsky asks where Sawyer has been. Radzinsky yells that he was shot by a physicist and the new recruits are helping him. He says that the Dharma Initiative has been infiltrated. Sawyer tells him to calm down and then Phil can be heard banging around in the closet. Sawyer says that it sounds like the noise was outside, but Radzinsky heads down the hall. He opens the closet door to find Phil in the closet and then he and the other guys turn their guns on Sawyer and Juliet. Radzinsky screams and Sawyer and Juliet do get down on the ground and the both put their hands up and surrender.

This is what's been expected since Jack and the others came back to the island. The survivors life with the Dharma Initiative is falling apart. The question is, what will be the consequences of their actions? Also, what will happen to Hurley, Jin and Miles. Will they be captured too?

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