Saturday, May 9, 2009

Radzinsky and Phil beat Sawyer to get answers, Horace objects

At the security building, Sawyer and Juliet are bound to chairs. Radzinsky points to Kate on the monitor and asks Sawyer where she is. Sawyer says "I want my lawyer" and Radzinsky punches him in the face. Horace objects to what Radzinsky is doing but Radzinksy asks Sawyer the same question again and then hits him again. Horace tells Radzinsky to stop and says "I'm still in charge." Radzinsky tells Horace that he was in charge but to protect their people and the work they're doing, Horace does not have the stomach for what comes next. Horace hesitantly backs away and let's Radzinsky continue.

Radzinsky calls Phil over who grabs Sawyer by the head and slams him into the desk in front of the monitors. Radzinsky tells Sawyer that this is his last chance to tell him where Kate is or "So help me God, I will kill you."

Not much to say here except it seems odd how quickly Horace cowers everytime Radzinsky challenges him. Obviously Horace is not a real leader.

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