Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sawyer is beaten more, Phil punches Juliet, Mitch discovers a discrepancy in the sub manifest

Returning to the Dharma security building, Radzinsky is now beating Sawyer with a metal tool of some kind. Radzinsky asks if Kate took Ben to hostiles and if he knows where they are. He then knocks Sawyer out of his chair onto the floor and Juliet begs him to stop. Radzinsky tells Juliet to tell him what he wants to know. Juliet tells Radzinsky that they've known each other for three years and that they are not bad people and are not there to hurt them. Sawyer tells her to not to say anything because whatever they tell them they won't believe anyway and will only get more people hurt

Horace asks Radzinsky what they are doing because he's not going to talk. Phil then says that he can make them talk. Phil then punches Juliet in the face which even seems to shock Radzinsky (see photo 11). Sawyer tells Phil that he's going to kill him while Juliet can be seen bleeding from her lip.

Another security worker named Mitch comes in and tells Radzinsky that there's no sign of Jin or Miles. He goes on to say that he got the submarine's manifest from Amy and three recruits were added at the last minute including Jack and Kate who shot at Radzinsky. Radzinsky asks "Who is Hugo Reyes?" and Phil says "He's the fat guy."

For those who listen to the offical podcast, this seems to be the moment Damon and Carlton eluded to that would change everyone's mind about Phil. The fact that he shocked Radzinsky seems like quite a feat considering Radzinsky has been very quick to violence all season.

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