Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The others start their journey to Jacob, Locke wants to kill him/it

With the sun rising, the others set off on their journey towards Jacob. Ben tells Locke that Richard is concerned about their pilgrimage to Jacob and is wondering if Locke knows what he's doing. Locke thanks Ben for bringing this to his attention. Ben tells Locke that he is there to follow him now so if he needs Jacob to help reunite his people, "then I'll do whatever." Lock cuts him off and says that he's not interesting in being reunited with his people. Locke says he knows what he told Sun but that's not why they're going to Jacob. Ben asks why are they going to Jacob and Locke says "So I can kill him." Ben stops dead in his tracks and looks utterly shocked.

So many questions here. Where exactly are they going to find Jacob? Is he/it generally in one place? And the big question is, why does Locke want to kill Jacob and can he kill Jacob? This brings the question back about what force is currently driving Locke? Is the smoke monster who told Ben to follow Locke not on Jacob's side? I guess we'll get at some idea of all of this in the season finale.

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