Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Locke wants to take all of his people to see Jacob, Richard and Ben are not happy

Locke, Richard and Ben return to the others camp and as Locke passes Sun, he gives her a nod like he's figured things out. Richard tells Locke that he'll have a tent prepared for him and they'll get going first thing in the morning. Locke tells him that he's eager and wants to leave now. Richard tells Locke that they can do what he wants but he would like to him in private first. Locke asks if everyone is here and Richard says there's another group at the temple. Locke says that he wants to talk to everyone there right now. Ben stands to the side with his head down.
Locke's speech:

"Hello, everyone. My name is John Locke. I've been told that for some time, you all have been accepting orders from a man named Jacob and yet, oddly enough, it seems that no one has actually seen him. Now I'm sure there are very good reasons why his existence and whereabouts are secret. I just don't know what they are. And to be honest with all of you, if there's a man telling us what to do, I want to know who he is."

Sun approaches Locke and asks if Jacob can help them get Jin and the rest of their people back. Locke says "Absolutely" and smiles at Sun. Locke continues saying "Richard has agreed to show us where we need to go. So I'm gonna go and see Jacob right now. And I'd like all of you to come with me." The others nod in agreement and gather around him like a hero.

Richard says to Ben "I'm starting to think John Locke is gonna be trouble." Ben says "Why do you think I tried to kill him?"

Richard seems concerned and skeptical of Locke throughout the entire scene. Ben seems particularly put out when Locke says that no one has seen Jacob. It seems a bit odd that Richard is the only other that is questioning Locke. The rest of them are flocking to Locke like sheep.

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