Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kate is caught and put on the submarine, Sawyer and Juliet clearly uncomfortable

Back at the submarine, more Dharma folk are loaded in for the evacuation. Inside, Juliet asks Sawyer what they're going to do when they get back to Ann Arbor. Sawyer says that the Dharma Initiative have no authority in the real world so when they dock, they are free. Juliet says "Real world. I don't even know what that means anymore." Sawyer takes her hand and says "Whatever happens, I got your back, remember?" Juliet says "I love you" and Sawyer replies "I love you back."

Phil says not to close the hatch because "Horace wants her off the island too. We'll let Ann Arbor deal with them." He says that she was caught coming back into town. Kate then comes down the ladder and is cuffed next to Sawyer and Juliet who are very uncomfortable with her being there.

The crew prepares to leave and the lights turn red as the submarine goes under water as it heads away from the island.

I'm generally not one to criticize little things and I'm sure the budget is tight right now, but that submarine diving looked incredibly fake. Oh well, it was a short shot.

Tension is high among the trio on the sub, and it's likely going to peak in the season finale. Juliet clearly does not like Kate being anywhere near Sawyer so that would be an uncomforable submarine trip.

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