Monday, May 11, 2009

Locke tells Richard to help Locke at the beachcraft, Locke wants to go to Jacob

As Locke is leading Richard and Ben through the jungle, Richard asks Locke if he's ready to tell him what happened over the past three years. Locke seems surprised that Richard doesn't already know what happened. Richard says that the last time he saw Locke, they were sitting on a log when Ben turned the wheel and then Locke disappeared. Locke says that they are about to see where he went when he disappeared.

Locke then says that after they finish there, he wants Richard to take him to see Jacob. Ben says "That's not how it works John." Locke asks Richard if that is true and if it is going to be a problem. Richard tells Locke that he just got back and there's no need to rush into things. Locke confirms with Richard that he is the leader and asks if it's going to be a problem for Richard to take him to Jacob. Richard says "of course not" and Locke tells them to keep moving because they're almost to the plane. Ben asks "What plane?"

When they reach the old yellow Nigerian beachcraft, Locke tells Richard that he's only going to have three minutes to get this right. Locke says that a man is about to walk out of the jungle and he's been shot in the leg. He hands Richard a first aid kit to get the bullet out. He then tells Richard that he needs to tell the man that he needs to bring everyone back to the island that left and to do that, he's going to have to die.

Locke then comes limping out of the jungle and Ben asks "Who is that man, John?" Locke says "Me."

We then see a portion of the original scene between Richard and Locke from the season premiere "Because You Left." The mystery of how Locke told Richard that he would be there is solved by this scene.

Ben says to Locke "This must be like an out-of-body experience." Ben then says "Your timing was impeccable, John. How did you know when to be here?" Locke says the island told him and asks "Didn't it ever tell you things?" Ben says that it didn't but it clearly hasn't told him where Jacob is or he wouldn't need Richard. Locke then says to Ben "You've never seen him. Jacob. You've never seen him, have you?" Ben doesn't answer.

A fast wooshing sound is heard and when Ben and Locke look up, the time skipping Locke has vanished. Ben asks Locke where he went and Locke says "To give Richard his compass back." Richard walks back over and asks Locke if he wants the bullet. Locke says no and asks how it went. Richard says that time skipping Locke seemed to believe what he said, especially the part about him dying. Richard says " I'm certainly glad that didn't have to happen." Locke says "Actually, Richard, it did." He then says they should head back to camp.

Throughout this entire scene, Richard seems very skeptical of Locke's decisions. Ben, as always, is questioning John. What force is actually driving Locke? Is it the island? If so, why does he not know where Jacob is? Are there mutiple forces competing for power on the island?

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