Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jacob buys young Kate a lunchbox, touches her nose

In the late 1980s in Ames, Iowa, young Kate and Tom Brennan are outside of Ames Central General Store. Tom is playing with the toy airplane that Kate will later take part in a bank robbery to recover. Kate and Tom walk into the store and Kate put a New Kids on the Block lunchbox in her backpack while Tom is the lookout. Patsy Cline's "Three Cigarettes (In an Ashtray)" is playing in the store (you can find the song on 20 Best of Patsy Cline). As Kate and Tom try to leave the store, Mr. Springer who works there grabs her and tells her to open her bag. When he sees the lunchbox he says that she's Diane Austen's daughter and says that he is going to call her and then the police.

As Mr. Springer goes behind the counter, a man's voice says "No need to do that. I'll pay for it." The man is revealed to be Jacob. Kate thanks Jacob and Jacob says to her "You're not going to steal anymore are you?" Kate shakes her head no. Jacob playfully touches her on the nose and says "Be good Katie."

This lunchbox is the same one that Kate and Tom will at some point bury and later dig up in the episode "Born to Run." It will contain the time capsule items including the toy plane that Tom is playing with in this scene.

This is the first of many encounters we see Jacob had with the Oceanic 815 survivors. Did the fact that he touched Kate be significant later on? Time will tell.

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