Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hurley stocks up on Dharma food, Pierre learns that Miles is his son

Hurley is packing a bunch of food from the Dharma pantry including corn, chicken soup and vanilla cookies. He then heads across the barracks where security is running through with guns. He is still carrying the guitar he had on Ajira flight 316. Pierre Chang sees him and starts following.

Hurley meets Jin and Miles just outside the barracks and asks them what the rescue plan is. Miles says they're going to the beach and that they can't save Sawyer and Juliet because they're outnumbered.

Pierre Chang walks up and Miles asks what he's doing there. Pierre says he could ask them the same thing and Hurley replies "But we asked you first." Pierre asks if Daniel was telling the truth when he said that they were from the future. Hurley says "Dude, that's ridiculous." Pierre asks him what year he was born and Hurley says 1931. Pierre says "You're 46?"and Hurley says yes. Pierre asks "So you fought in the Korean War?" Hurley pauses and says "There's no such thing." Miles and Jin share a "Yikes" look. Pierre then asks who the president of the United States is and Hurley gives in and says that they are from the future.

Pierre steps towards Miles and asks if it's true then that he is his son. Miles confirms that it is true though the moment they share is brief. Pierre then says that Daniel told him to evacuate everyone off the island because there would be a massive accident at the Swan station. He asks Miles is this is true and Miles says "He's been right about everything so far." Miles says that if Daniels said to get people off of the island, "I'd do it." Pierre says "Let's hope he knows what he's doing."

Pierre learns that Miles is his son, but instead of having a brief moment to enjoy it, the approaching crisis does not allow it. It would have been nice if they had a more emotional moment, but there might still be time for that.

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