Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eloise is pregnant, Jack, Kate and Richard prepare to go to the bomb

At the others/hostiles camp in 1977, Charles Widmore and Richard Alpert are crouched next to Daniel Faraday's body. Widmore says " Why is it that this man looks... familiar to me?" He apparently doesn't clearly remember him from 1954.

Eloise comes over and says that Richard and Erik are coming with her and she says that they can untie Jack and Kate. She asks for a moment with Daniel as she covers him with a blanket and closes his eyes. Eloise says that she's taking them to the bomb. The dialogue is quiet, but Widmore touches her mid-drift and says "I'm worried about you. Not in your condition."

Jack asks Richard who the man is and Richard says that he is Charles Widmore. He continues saying "He and Eloise are... well, let's just say love can be complicated." Jack and Kate share a look after that line. Eloise comes over and says "Let's move out."

We learn here that Eloise is presumably pregnant with Daniel at the time when she killed older Daniel. That's a bit of a weird, no?

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