Monday, May 11, 2009

Radzinsky wants to continue drilling despite Pierre Chang's warning, Sawyer cuts a deal

Pierre Chang rushes into the security center saying that they need to evacuate the island of all non-essential personnel. He stops when he see Sawyer and Juliet handcuffed and bloody. Radzinsky says to Pierre that he is supposed to be at the Swan station site because they are supposed to break ground in less than twenty hours. Pierre says "We're under imminent threat. If we start drilling, there's a high probability of a cataclysmic accident." Radzinsky says that are going to drill on schedule. Pierre turns to Horace saying that he's in charge but Radzinsky buts in and says that Horace is not in charge anymore. Radzinsky says "This is my decision and it's been made."

Sawyer says that it's not safe on the island and they should put the women and children on the submarine. He says that if they put him and Juliet on the submarine, they'll tell them whatever they want to know. He asks Juliet is that's okay and she says "Absolutely." Radzinsky tells Sawyer to draw him a map to where the hostiles are if he wants to be on the submarine. Sawyer opens up the Dharma notebook and starts drawing.

It still seems a bit odd how Horace let Radzinsky just take over without fighting it. Horace didn't say a single word in this scene.

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