Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miles, Jin and Hurley see Charlotte and Miles head for the sub, Sawyer says 'good riddance' to the island

At the pier, a voice on the loudspeakers says "The submarine departs in 30 minutes. All evacuees, please proceed to the dock." Miles, Jin and Hurley are watching the women and children boarding the submarine. They see Charlotte and her mom getting out of a van followed by Pierre Chang, Lara and baby Miles. Lara wants to stay and help but Pierre yells at her "I want you to leave, now!" Miles realizes that his father his yelling at his mother because it's the only way he can get her to leave.

Miles then sees a jeep pull up with Sawyer and Juliet in the back. Hurley says it's okay because Sawyer always has a plan.

On the pier, Sawyer tells Juliet that they'll buy Microsoft and they'll bet the Cowboys in the 1978 Super Bowl which will make them rich. Sawyer tells her he's sorry and that they should have gotten on the submarine three years ago when Juliet wanted to leave. Juliet says that she's glad he talked her out of it.

Mitch tells them to get in the sub. Before Sawyer gets in, he looks back at the island and says "Good riddance."

It's good to see that Miles gets to understand that Pierre sent his mom and him away from the island to protect them, not because he didn't care. It's also good to see Sawyer commit to Juliet and get in the submarine. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought he might try to stay behind like when he jumped off the helicopter.

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