Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sayid shoots Erik, Kate heads back to the barracks

In the jungle, Jack, Kate, Richard, Eloise and Erik stop at a creek. Eloise asks Jack and Kate it they know how to swim and Kate asks why don't the just go around the creek. Eloise tells her that they'll have to swim under the bomb to get to the tunnels.

Kate has had enough and decides to go back to the barracks to find the others. Jack tells her that she can't go back because the Dharma folk tried to kill them. Kate tries to walk away but Erik aims his gun at her. Eloise says that they generally don't tell secrets to people and then let them "saunter off." Kate walks away anyway and Jack says to let her leave. A shot is heard and Kate freezes in her tracks and checks to see if she's been shot. A second shot rings out and hits Erik. Sayid stands from behind some plants holding a gun on Richard and Eloise.

After the commercial break, Richard is checking Erik for a pulse and then asks Eloise what's going on because they just shot one of their people and she acts like it doesn't matter. Eloise says that if they are right about what they're about to do, it won't matter. Richard asks "And what are they about to do?" Eloise just looks at him.

Not far away from Richard and Eloise, Jack has explained what he's trying to do to Sayid. Sayid proudly points out that he has already changed things because he killed Benjamin Linus. Kate tells him that he didn't kill him and that she and Sawyer took him to the others to save him. Sayid asks her why she did that. Kate says "Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay?" Jack then repeats his new mantra that they came back to the island to change things. Kate says that if he's wrong, everyone on the island will die. Jack confidently says "I'm not wrong, Kate. This is it. This is why we're here. This is our destiny." Kate says "Do you know who you sound like? Because he was crazy too, Jack. You said so yourself." Jack says "Well, maybe I was wrong." Kate says that she's going to go find the rest of their people in hopes that they can help her stop Jack.

Jack has quickly gone this season from not giving a damn to being very certain of his destiny. He's starting to seem like his old, cocky self who is now fighting on the side of destiny. Eloise is going along with all of this very blindly which makes me wonder if she's seen something in the future to make her believe this is the right path.

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